Why BellaBello?

In BellaBello, you will always look and feel your best. We pride ourselves on offering you beautiful and quality fabrics at great value. 

We take pride in honest and open partnership with our suppliers and customers based on trust and respect. Our main goal is to bring the world’s fashion to your door to help you create your personal style.

To this end, we source fabrics from leading international textile manufacturers and family-run artisans from across the globe, right to your doorstep. 

With every piece you purchase from BellaBello, I hope you see and feel the love that has gone into sourcing each design, each colour with your comfort, your wallet and your satisfaction in mind. 

Hi, I’m Ore and I am the resident fabric connoisseur at BellaBello Ltd. I am a born and bred Lagosian and there is nothing quite like a Lagos party. 

The food, the music, the outfits! No party, or owambe as parties are sometimes called, is complete without beautiful fabrics in an array of colours tailored to the wearer. In Lagos, we show our respect by turning up in our best fabrics to your party. 

It is my sincere hope that in BellaBello, you truly feel and look your best, that you walk a little taller and you have many causes for colourful celebrations because every occasion deserves a special fabric.